How to Use Bluff in Poker Games

How to Use Bluff in Poker Games

The meaning of Bluff is that when we do Raise or All-in for low priced cards most likely do not win from other members. Bluff is one of the most important things in the game of poker.

There is certain satisfaction when you successfully use Bluff and win the bet from , while the enemy member’s card is higher than the card you have, but other members don’t dare to bet and they act to fold.

The purpose of playing Online Poker Gambling is to win the game, so if you never use the bluff, you will still be able to win the game. For example, you get 9 individuals playing at one table, the chances of them getting the best card combination and winning the game is 1/9.

From the accumulation, they have an equal chance to win the game. You want, but if one of them can receive a big win on each of the best card combinations he has then in the end he will be the champion.

When you use the bluff, you have to make sure that the other members are likely to fold, this can be seen from the way the other members play the turn before you, whether they check or call or raise.

You can wear a bluff when you think the other members are going to fold. Understanding other members will fold takes practice and experience is certain. The more practice SGP PRize and experience you have, the better your assessment or estimation of other members will be.


There are a number of ways that are suitable for wearing Bluff, as follows;

If you Raise Pre Flop but the open Flop card is not good, you can raise again for the possibility of enemy members to fold. Unless they get a better combination of cards from the Flop card.
If playing for other members who bring a little capital, usually they will be more careful in making a bet / raise. So when you do raise, it is clear that they will fold when they do not have a good card.

If you have cards that allow you to win on the flop, but still need an additional card on the turn or river. For example, when you have a Flush card but one card less, or a straight but one less card.

In Winning game you don’t need Bluff. You can just play to choose a card that is good and has a high chance of winning. But if you can use bluff for good, obviously you will get big wins from bluffing.

You can also use a bluff for low bets / stakes until other members feel that you often play for weak / bad cards and when you get a good card they will take a big bet, because they think that the card you have is small. From here you will get big wins too from how to use the bluff.