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Game Oglok DI IDN Live

Game Oglok DI IDN Live

Online Gambling at IDN Live
The game of fun is a gambling game that uses dice to play. On this dice there are no numbers but what is available is a picture. the picture is Shrimp, chicken, crab, fish, coin and a jug. The number of dice that is played is 3 pieces, which will provide a table for you to guess the results of the 3 dice shuffle.

This game is quite popular since its first appearance on IDN Live. IDN Live provides many old school games like this. So that you can reminisce playing gambling that once existed and is now hard to find.

Free Playing Guide on Lagutogel is not that difficult to play. You can read the articles that I discuss below. There are several bets provided on the game of fun at the table. Namely the combination of dice provided is:

Guess 4 Pictures of Dice

In this option, you can guess the picture that comes out on the dice of the 4 pictures you choose. If you guess it correctly, the prize you get is 7x the bet you made.

Guess 2 Dice Pictures

In this option you only have to guess 2 pictures that will come out on the three dice that are shaken by the dealer. If you guess the picture correctly, the prize you get from this guess is 5 x your bet.

Guess One of the Dice Pictures

In this option you only have to guess one of the images that will come out on the three dice. In this guess, if you guess correctly with the dice conditions, 1 prize draw 1 time, 2 prize pictures 2 times, and 3 prize pictures 3 times.

Guess the Same 3 Pictures

In this option you have to guess the same image on the three dice. If you guess correctly, the prize you get is x30 of your partner’s total there.

There are some rules available on each bet that is on the drop. Some of the rules in this game are:

When you buy a picture bet that is not available on the three dice, you will lose.
You can only buy picture bets that are already provided at the table.
If you bet on 4 pictures there and in the end there are twins on the dice. Then your bet is considered to be a failure or lose the game.
Almost all games provided on IDN Live are old school games that have existed. All of these games are easy and very fun to play. Like this fun game there are only a few rules and bets that are easy to understand. You can play it just by playing a few times there. And the ease of winning is also very easy by playing here. All videos are broadcast live without any prior recording. You can prove it yourself there.